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  LOTW: April 22nd - April 28th
 Posted by bad71burb On April 22 2018 At 01:38:40 AM
I'll kick off the LOTW this week with my newest addition to my fleet. I scored this Rivarossi SM 442 Hiawatha kit two weeks ago. Although compete, it was refinished in the wrong colors. I stripped the Bakelite shells down and refinished them in the correct color scheme for the Hiawatha. I still have the railings and stanchions to strip and reinstall and i have to make the decals but I'm proud of the newest addition to my collection. The Rivarossi Hiawatha was made from 1948 until 1960 and it is a very scarce engine to find. I have been searching for close to 30 years for an affordable example that was complete and not destroyed from zinc pest which these are prone to.

Here she is. I have more pics of the restoration under the Rivarossi section.

  LOTW: April 15th - April 21st
 Posted by RP model railroads On April 14 2018 At 11:14:34 PM
Here's my LOTW offering:

The 2 new "vintage-used" serviced and operating Rock Island RR RF-16A "Sharks," now serving on the RETRO TYCO layout. Both shells are not that great "cosmetically," however, it wouldn't be Tyco without a little bit of "weathering."

  LOTW: April 8th - April 14th
 Posted by RP model railroads On April 07 2018 At 10:08:30 PM
Here's my LOTW offering:

I present...... Santa Fe FTA #401!! This dummy FTA was produced from a former powered-unit that had armature issues, that I completely stripped of its motor and gears. Lastly, I convered the Kadee-style couplers to horn-hooks, just like powered A.T.S.F. FTA #400.

Both Santa Fe FTA's #400 & #401 are working superbly - hauling 13 cars of mixed freight on the inner line of the Ephrata Valley Railroad.

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