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  LOTW Feb. 18 to 24, 2018
 Posted by Chops124 On February 18 2018 At 2:39:22 PM

In my quest for a functioning Conrail SW 1500, I picked up this old BB
at Riudoso, New Mexico, yesterday, for $25. I have an awfully nice Athearn
shell in CR, but have learned the hard way that the older Athearn chassis are
substantially different, in dimension as well as conductivity aspects, than the
new. So, having been through this once, I am going to tackle this chassis
with a file and force it to fit, whether it likes it or not!! The master
kit bashers and craftsmen on the TF make it look so easy!
  LOTW: Feb. 11th - Feb. 17th
 Posted by RP model railroads On February 10 2018 At 5:51:15 PM
As I have been unfortunately experiencing the Microsoft Jet Database error "80004005" lately, which blocks me completely from accessing the forum for 24 hours at a time, I wanted to post up my LOTW offering, for the new week, early.

I am excited to state another new locomotive addition to the locomotive roster of the Ephrata Valley Railroad: An A-A pair of Tyco "Red Box Era" Chesapeake & Ohio F7's #8015 & #8016. The lead "powered" A-unit was obtained at the January Greenberg's Great Train Show, in Oaks, for $20.00, while the trailing dummy F7A was found on Ebay 2 weeks ago (as a powered loco, which I dummy-ized upon receiving) and snagged before a bid could be possibly placed. As the powered C&O F7A lost its originally fine horn due to my error, I sacraficed a yellow horn from my B&O F9, which is awaiting a dummy before it gets its debut on the layout -- so that I could use the C&O F7's immediately. Hauling an 11 car train load (the 11th car being the corresponding Tyco C&O caboose, also found at the train show), these 2 F7's certainly perform well, and continue to prove Tyco's slogan that their trains were "built for a lifetime." -:)

  LOTW Feb 4 thru Feb 10
 Posted by oldtimer52 On February 05 2018 At 08:27:11 AM
Gonna start this week with a loco that I've been working on for a LONG time. Its a
Hobbytown EMC7 A&B unit. The body, frame and truck are by Hobbytown but the power
is by Athearn. Wasn't geting very good performance out of the DC91's that came with them
so I decided to try to mount some Athearn motors. And the performance is really outstanding.

Athearn motor mounted.

It is not as noisy and starts moving at about 4 volts. Runs really smooth and only
draws 1/2 amp.
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