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 Posted - September 16 2022 :  1:53:06 PM Link directly to this topic  Show Profile  Add donny2001 to Buddylist
Recently bought a Tyco Brill Trolley for $5 at a LHS. Figured Id try to clean it up& make it run again. It turns out its a franken trolley!

The brass sleeves that are connected next to the brass shoes were wrecked and replaced with brass screws & nuts, which looks like they would have worked. But then I noticed that the plate the wires solder on to looks like it got cooked pretty good from a previous owner and when I tried to remove the excess solder the little brass ring broke off of the clip.

So my question is there a way to rig this with something different? Obviously 50 yr old parts are impossible to find but Im curious if there is a way to rig up something to franken trolley to make it run again. It feels like the part is not a necessity just the brass clip that broke off. It appears that everything else is intact when I compare it to a working trolley that Ive had from my grandfather.

Or will it be a nice static display?


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 Posted - September 16 2022 :  7:39:55 PM Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Add scsshaggy to Buddylist
That's a pretty essential part, since it holds the motor brushes and their springs. If it's like other Mantua motors, the brass stud is fastened on by having two slots in the end that goes through that insulating plate and spreading that end like a rivet from those slots.

If you still have all the pieces, it may be possible to squeeze the end back together with pliers and pull it through the hole to detach the stud that's still on there. The stud without the tab could likewise be squeezed back together around the slots, inserted in the good hole the one with the tab came out of and then the one with the tab could go in the damaged hole, relying on the mounting screw to hold it in place. In the end, the insulating plate would just be turned 180 degrees. Then, you could just put the screws and brushes back in and the motor should probably work.

This is all speculative, since I've never had occasion to try it, so I don't know if the rivet-like end would compress or if it would just spring back open and hold the stud in place, nor do I know how possible it would be to spread the rivet end once it's where you want it.

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