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 A guide to Extensive Powertorque cleaning
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 Posted - August 30 2020 :  12:18:47 PM Link directly to this topic  Show Profile  Add A-A-RON to Buddylist

This guide is the method I use for disassembling, cleaning/repairing, and reassembling Powertorque motors. For #10, the text should read something abouteaving roughly a 1/32" gap under the pinion gear so it won't bind yet will still grasp the main gear. Be very careful about glue, as you don't want to drip it onto the motor bearing. I also reccomend wiping the magnets off with a dry cuetip, so as to clean them as well. If you have any questions or concerns make sure you ask before you act. This guide assumes you have some experience with powertorque motors, so you may have some questions. Feel free to PM me.

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 Posted - August 30 2020 :  4:20:36 PM Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Add Chops124 to Buddylist
A very clear and useful tutorial. Thank you for posting.
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 Posted - August 30 2020 :  10:10:57 PM Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Add RP model railroads to Buddylist
Clear and easy to follow. Nice work!
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 Posted - December 28 2020 :  7:55:11 PM Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Add Heihachi_73 to Buddylist
I would not recommend using sandpaper in a million years. The only thing sandpaper will do is make sure the loco gets an appetite for its own brushes - even 2000 grit is enough to make the commutator surface rough.

A much better alternative to sandpaper is a pencil eraser, dishwashing liquid (if there is some dried up oil on the commutator), or at the absolute worst, the smallest amount of Brasso possible (wipe everything off afterwards, as Brasso is not conductive). The black gunk is just glorified pencil lead and on a relatively clean motor (e.g. one that hasn't been collecting oil for 40 years) most of it should just wipe off using a paper towel without using anything at all.
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